Monday, December 18, 2006

Configuring Cisco 2612 as a Home Router

What a pain this has been! I learned something tonight: "er flash" = BAD, he he. If I've only paid attention in my Cisco networking classes.... Since this has been such a freaking struggle for me, I'll post the complete guide on how to do it once (if ever) I get it to work.


  1. Why the hell would you ever want to do this? Didn't you learn from school that it would be a hell of a lot easier to simply pick up a linksys router from BestBuy :).

  2. Alex, how the hell did you find the blog? Or did I tell you about it already?

    Anyway, yes, it would be easier but I have one of those in the basement and it just does not meet my needs. The problem is that it has too few simultaneous connections and not nearly flexible ACLs. I have to reset the damn thing every couple of days and if I wanted to forward only traffic from my work IP to a certain internal port, I'm out of luck.

  3. set banner motd 'subnet router in 20 minutes or you fail!'


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