Thursday, January 11, 2007

Uppercase first Letter with CF RegEx

I needed to uppercase the first letter of a word before displaying it. Here is neat RegEx (CF specific but will probably work in Perl) that will do just that.
<cfset variable = rereplace(variable , '^(\w)(.*)', '\u\1\2') />
You can use the above when you need it done on the server. Here is the more elegant client side solution with CSS:
<span style="text-transform: capitalize;">boyan</span>
While I'm at it here is nice CF RegEx tester:


  1. Yeah, that's very nifty... I really like the rereplace case-conversion metacharacters. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't work in Perl, but since Perl is so regex-centric there are probably ways to do it just as easily there.

    You could shorten the code a little bit like this:

    <cfset variable = rereplace(variable , '^\w', '\u\0') />

    That should do the same thing, but a tiny bit faster.

  2. You just saved me a ton of time. Thanks you for making the post!

  3. Am I missing something, I can't get any of the code on this page to work...

  4. jojose417, that's odd. Contact me through the chat and maybe I can help you.

  5. Needs to be in lower case first. To convert the first letter in all words, use:

  6. cfset variable=rereplace(lcase(variable) , '[\w]+', '\u\0', 'ALL')

  7. quick and usefull... thanks for the tip ;-)


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