Friday, August 03, 2007

How to Use Model-Glue Generic List

This not new information by any means. However, I always seem to forget how to do this so I have to dig through existing projects to find it. It's pretty damn useful so here it is:
<message name="modelglue.genericlist">
    <!-- Any criteria for filtering the returned query (such as UserName=boyan) -->
    <argument name="criteria" value="" />
    <!-- The name of the table in the database -->
    <argument name="object" value="Users" />
    <!-- The query name to store the results -->
    <argument name="queryName" value="usersList" />
    <!-- Optional: use a custom query GetExistingUsersList from the UsersGatewayMSSQL gateway -->
    <argument name="gatewayMethod" value="GetExistingUsersList" />

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