Friday, August 03, 2007

Web Developer Toolbar - View Color Information

While trying to figure out what color the "Loading" indicator in Gmail uses, I was fooling around with the Web Developer extension. So I found out that you can get all the colors used on a page by going to "Information" and click on "View Color Information". Click on it will open a new tab with all the colors used on the page you are looking at. Try it for yourself, it's pretty nice. The extension has about a million other options too.


  1. ColorZilla works nice to grab colors also:

  2. Thanks! I've seen that one but why use an additional extension when I already have the web developer toolbar one.

  3. I use both as it's nice to see the HTML colour palette laid out in front of you, but if you want to select a prominent colour from a photo, ColorZilla comes in handy.


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