Friday, September 07, 2007

Apt-Get for Windows = Win-Get (auto download and install applications)

If you ever installed anything under Ubuntu or Debian Linux, you know how nice it is to just type "apt-get install apache" and the operating system will download apache and install it for you. This feature has forever been lacking in Windows based platforms. The guys at Win-Get have decided to remedy that by implementing similar functionality for Windows. All you need to do (right from the win-get web page) is:

1. Download wget.exe
2. Download win-get.exe (version 1.01)
3. Put the 2 files some where on your system (I like in the c:\windows so they are system wide accessible).

Then to install an application from the supported application list, you open a command prompt and type:
"win-get install" or "win-get sinstall" ("sinstall" is for silent install but not all applications support it).

Here is a list of commands I ran for a new install:

win-get sinstall
win-get sinstall spybot
win-get sinstall firefox
win-get sinstall avg_antivirus
win-get sinstall notepad++
win-get sinstall openoffice
win-get sinstall winrar

So nice and easy! I love it.


  1. If you like Win-Get, you should check out GetIt.

    It incorporates Win-Get, AppSnap, and AppUpdater (all of which have their own repositories), and combines them into one big searchable repository.


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