Monday, September 17, 2007

Quake Style Command Prompt - Cool Stuff

This is based on the guide provided on Instructables. I'm posting this here because I finally got around trying this out. I have to say it's pretty nice. The idea is simple. You press the Windows key + '~' (tilda) and get a semi-transparent console window in the top left corner of your screen. You press the same combination key again and the window disappears. Very handy for those of us that use the command prompt often. Here is the end result. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture: To get started: 1. Get AutoHotkey 2. Download the last stable version of Console (as of 09.17.2007 that is 1.5 so get "" 3. Get the customized "console.xml" file from the bottom of the Instructable or from here directly 4. Get the AutoHotkey script from the bottom of the Instructable or from here directly 5. Install AutoHotkey 6. Extract to "c:\program files\console" or wherever you desire 7. Create a shortcut to "console.exe" in your "c:\windows" directory 8. Copy the customized "console.xml" to "c:\program files\console" (or wherever you installed Console) and overwrite the file that's there 9. Start the AutoHotkey script you got in step 4. You can also put a shortcut to the script in the "Startup" folder on your Start Menu.

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