Friday, October 05, 2007

Full List of ColdFusion Functions (according to DW)

Yesterday I needed a full list of ColdFusion functions for my syntax highlighting. What easier way to get that list than using your IDE?! I found the functions under the dreamweaver directory, in the file "configuration\CodeHints\CodeHints.hml". After some regex matching with the following pattern:
<function name="code" html? pattern="(\w+).*>
and replacing with the following pattern:
Here is the list of ColdFusion functions that I got:
Abs ACos AddSOAPRequestHeader AddSOAPResponseHeader ArrayAppend ArrayAvg ArrayClear
ArrayDeleteAt ArrayInsertAt ArrayIsEmpty ArrayLen ArrayMax ArrayMin ArrayNew
ArrayPrepend ArrayResize ArraySet ArraySort ArraySum ArraySwap ArrayToList
Asc ASin Atn BinaryDecode BinaryEncode BitAnd BitMaskClear BitMaskRead BitMaskSet
BitNot BitOr BitSHLN BitSHRN BitXor Ceiling CharsetDecode CharsetEncode Chr
Cjustify Compare CompareNoCase Cos CreateDate CreateDateTime CreateObject
CreateObject CreateObject CreateObject CreateObject CreateODBCDate
CreateODBCDateTime CreateODBCTime CreateTime CreateTimeSpan CreateUUID
DateAdd DateCompare DateConvert DateDiff DateFormat DatePart Day DayOfWeek
DayOfWeekAsString DayOfYear DaysInMonth DaysInYear DE DecimalFormat DecrementValue
Decrypt DecryptBinary DeleteClientVariable DirectoryExists DollarFormat Duplicate
Encrypt EncryptBinary Evaluate Exp ExpandPath FileExists Find FindNoCase FindOneOf
FirstDayOfMonth Fix FormatBaseN GenerateSecretKey GetAuthUser GetBaseTagData
GetBaseTagList GetBaseTemplatePath GetClientVariablesList GetContextRoot
GetCurrentTemplatePath GetDirectoryFromPath GetEncoding GetException GetFileFromPath
GetFunctionList GetGatewayHelper GetHTTPRequestData GetHTTPTimeString
GetK2ServerDocCount GetK2ServerDocCountLimit GetLocale GetLocaleDisplayName
GetLocalHostIP GetMetaData GetMetricData GetPageContext GetProfileSections
GetProfileString GetSOAPRequest GetSOAPRequestHeader GetSOAPResponse
GetSOAPResponseHeader GetTempDirectory GetTempFile GetTemplatePath GetTickCount
GetTimeZoneInfo GetToken Hash Hour HTMLCodeFormat HTMLEditFormat IIf IncrementValue
InputBaseN Insert Int IsArray IsBinary IsBoolean IsCustomFunction IsDate IsDebugMode
IsDefined IsK2ServerABroker IsK2ServerDocCountExceeded IsK2ServerOnline IsLeapYear
IsLocalHost IsNumeric IsNumericDate IsObject IsQuery IsSimpleValue IsSOAPRequest
IsStruct IsUserInRole IsValid IsValid IsValid IsWDDX IsXML IsXMLAttribute IsXMLDoc
IsXMLElem IsXMLNode IsXMLRoot JavaCast JSStringFormat LCase Left Len ListAppend
ListChangeDelims ListContains ListContainsNoCase ListDeleteAt ListFind ListFindNoCase
ListFirst ListGetAt ListInsertAt ListLast ListLen ListPrepend ListQualify ListRest
ListSetAt ListSort ListToArray ListValueCount ListValueCountNoCase LJustify Log
Log10 LSCurrencyFormat LSDateFormat LSEuroCurrencyFormat LSIsCurrency LSIsDate
LSIsNumeric LSNumberFormat LSParseCurrency LSParseDateTime LSParseEuroCurrency
LSParseNumber LSTimeFormat LTrim Max Mid Min Minute Month MonthAsString Now
NumberFormat ParagraphFormat ParameterExists ParseDateTime Pi PreserveSingleQuotes
Quarter QueryAddColumn QueryAddRow QueryNew QuerySetCell QuotedValueList Rand
Randomize RandRange REFind REFindNoCase ReleaseCOMObject RemoveChars RepeatString
Replace ReplaceList ReplaceNoCase REReplace REReplaceNoCase Reverse Right RJustify
Round RTrim Second SendGatewayMessage SetEncoding SetLocale SetProfileString
SetVariable Sgn Sin SpanExcluding SpanIncluding Sqr StripCR StructAppend StructClear
StructCopy StructCount StructDelete StructFind StructFindKey StructFindValue StructGet
StructInsert StructIsEmpty StructKeyArray StructKeyExists StructKeyList StructNew
StructSort StructUpdate Tan TimeFormat ToBase64 ToBinary ToScript ToString Trim UCase
URLDecode URLEncodedFormat URLSessionFormat Val ValueList Week Wrap WriteOutput
XMLChildPos XMLElemNew XMLFormat XMLGetNodeType XMLNew XMLParse XMLSearch XMLTransform
XMLValidate Year YesNoFormat

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