Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kick Butt Project Management with Assembla

A few days ago I blogged about Tools for Better Project Management and Organization and this post offers an alternative application for project management. As I mentioned in my pervious post, I highly recommend RedMine as your web based project manager. RedMine is great if you want something that you have complete control over. With complete control however, come the pain of having to install it, configure it and worry about backups. So today, as a part of a project I am involved in, I set on a quest to find something that would be as good as RedMine but without the installation and configuration involved. After evaluating a few different web based project management application (Unfuddle, CodeSpaces, and a few other not worth mentioning), I tried Assembla. I had put in on my list to evaluate a while ago so it was not a new find but I am sorry I did not try it earlier. I am not going to get into much detail on the features but I have to say, the number of features is impressive. Best of all you get all this including 500mb of space for free! Here is a quick overview:

The start page:

Boyan Kostadinov- start -Assembla_1200795708018

The dashboard

Ensemble Video- index -Assembla_1200795731143 

Time entry

Ensemble Video- tasks -Assembla_1200795740736


Ensemble Video- Milestones -Assembla_1200795878080

Online chat

Ensemble Video- chat -Assembla_1200795889986

Files repository

Ensemble Video- files -Assembla_1200795897143


Ensemble Video- Space Home -Assembla_1200795904674

Trac/SVN integration

Ensemble Video- trac_tool -Assembla_1200795912877

Images repository

Ensemble Video- Images -Assembla_1200795923080

Blog integration with Mephisto

Ensemble Video- mephisto_tool -Assembla_1200795932439


Ensemble Video- alerts -Assembla_1200795964174

Additional add-ons

Ensemble Video- edit -Assembla_1200795987596

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